Statistical and Computational Genetics Seminar, Spring 2017

BTRY 7200
Statistical and Computational Genetics
Spring 2017

Time: Fridays 12:20-1:10pm
Location: Weill Hall 321
Instructor: Amy Williams, 102G Weill Hall
Class mailing list: Subscribe by sending an email to with the word ‘join’ in the subject

Course description: BTRY 7200 is a graduate seminar on statistical and computational genetics. It has a journal club format in which students, postdocs, and faculty meet to discuss a scientific paper each week. At the beginning of each meeting, one person provides a summary of the paper to be discussed and then all individuals in the class participate in discussion of the paper. Individuals enrolled or participating in this course are expected to present for one week during the term. A list of potential papers for discussion will be provided, and the presenter has the option of selecting either a paper listed here or can select another paper with permission from the instructor.

Course credit: This course is graded S/U, to receive a satisfactory grade, students must: (1) lead the discussion of a paper on one week (possibly two weeks depending on enrollment) and (2) attend class and participate in the discussion.

Presentation schedule:

Date Paper Presenter
February 3 Human Germline Mutation and the Erratic Evolutionary Clock.
Priya Moorjani, Ziyue Gao, Molly Przeworski. PLoS Biology, 2016.
February 10 Interpreting the Dependence of Mutation Rates on Age and Time. Ziyue Gao, Minyoung J. Wyman, Guy Sella, Molly Przeworski. PLoS Biology, 2016. Kaixiong
February 17 Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency of Identity-by-Descent Detection in Population Data. Brian L. Browning, Sharon R. Browning. Genetics, 2013. Daniel
February 24 R2d2 Drives Selfish Sweeps in the House Mouse. John P. Didion, Andrew P. Morgan, Liran Yadgary, et al. Mol Biol Evol, 2016. Jon
March 3 Detection of human adaptation during the past 2000 years. Yair Field, Evan A Boyle, Natalie Telis, Ziyue Gao, Kyle J. Gaulton, et al. Science, 2016. Maryn
March 10 A Working Model of the Deep Relationships of Diverse Modern Human Genetic Lineages Outside of Africa. Mark Lipson and David Reich. Mol Biol Evol, 2017. Kaixiong
March 17 Conflation of Short Identity-by-Descent Segments Bias Their Inferred Length Distribution. Charleston W. K. Chiang, Peter Ralph and John Novembre. G3, 2016. Daniel
March 24 Composite Likelihood Method for Inferring Local Pedigrees. Amy Ko and Rasmus Nielsen. bioRxiv, 2017. Amy
March 31 The Strength of Selection against Neanderthal Introgression. Ivan Juric, Simon Aeschbacher, Graham Coop. PLoS Genet, 2016. Melissa
April 7 No class: Spring break NA
April 14 Human Demographic History Impacts Genetic Risk Prediction across Diverse Populations. Alicia R. Martin, Christopher R. Gignoux, Raymond K. Walters, et al. AJHG, 2017. Andrew
April 21 Inferring Recent Demography from Isolation by Distance of Long Shared Sequence Blocks. Harald Ringbauer, Graham Coop and Nicholas H. Barton. Genetics, 2017. Daniel
April 28 Single-molecule sequencing resolves the detailed structure of complex satellite DNA loci in Drosophila melanogaster. Daniel E. Khost, Danna G. Eickbush and Amanda M. Larracuente. Genome Res, 2017. Mike
May 3 Ancient and modern DNA reveal dynamics of domestication and cross-continental dispersal of the dromedary. Faisal Almathena, Pauline Charruauc, Elmira Mohandesanc, Joram M. Mwacharo, et al. PNAS, 2016. Jon