Amy L. Williams

Amy WilliamsAssistant Professor
Dept. of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology
Nancy and Peter Meinig Family Investigator in Life Science and Technology

Amy holds Ph.D. and S.M. degrees in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and dual B.S. degrees in computer science and mathematics from the University of Utah.

CV available here. Email: awilliams at

Siddharth Avadhanam

Siddharth AvadhanamGraduate student

Siddharth is interested in developing probabilistic models and inference techniques to better understand human genetic variation and demographic history, and to build faster and more accurate tools for annotating genome data. He comes to Cornell with a B.E. in Chemical Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology of Sciences in India and a Masters degree in Biostatistics from Michigan State University. He has a particular weakness for card games, and enjoys all things outdoors-y.

Melissa Hubisz

Melissa HubiszGraduate student
Co-advised with Adam Siepel

Melissa is generally interested in uncovering the forces which shaped the evolution of species and populations. Her dissertation work involves using the ancestral recombination graph to infer demographic histories and identify regions of the genome under different types of natural selection. She has a B.S. in engineering from Caltech and an M.S. in human genetics from the University of Chicago.

Ying Qiao

Ying Qiao Graduate student

Ying is interested in developing and applying statistical and machine learning methods to analyze genetic data and explore biological problems, and is currently working on inferring relationship types within population genetic sample data. She received her B.S. degree in in Applied Mathematics from Zhejiang University in China.

Jens Sannerud

Jens SannerudGraduate student

Jens has an interest in studying evolution and genetics at the population scale. He is currently performing analyses of the factors influencing the location of crossovers and non-crossovers. He received his Sc.B. in Applied Mathematics and Biology from Brown University. Outside of the lab, Jens enjoys reading indiscriminately and most sorts of puzzle solving.

Daniel N. Seidman

Daniel N. SeidmanGraduate student

Daniel focuses on algorithmic design and implementation for analysis of genetic data, predominantly identical by descent segments. He received a B.S. in computational biology from Brown University, and intends to continue in academia when he completes his Ph.D. He loves marine biology, a leftover passion from a former intended career path.


Sayantani Basu-Roy

Sayantani Basu-Roy

Sayantani was a postdoctoral associate in the lab from Feb 2015-Jan 2017 and worked on a method for inferring the parnet-of-origin of haplotypes using data from a set of siblings. She received her Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Paris-SUD XI in Orsay, France and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California San Francisco.

Ramya Babu

Ramya BabuMaster’s student

Ramya did research on relatedness inference in the lab and graduated with an M.S. degree in May 2018. She is now a PhD student in Computer Science a Dartmouth.

Arjun Biddanda

Arjun Biddanda

Arjun graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2015. He was an undergraduate researcher and worked on comparing methods for detecting identity by descent segments. He is currently a PhD student in Human Genetics at the University of Chicago.

Ryan O’Hern

Ryan O'Hern

Ryan graduated from Cornell University with a M.Eng. in Computer Science. He was a research assistant in the lab from August 2015-December 2016 and worked on a method for inferring pedigree relationships using large genotype datasets. He is currently a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Cornell.

Monica Ramstetter

Monica RamstetterPostdoctoral Associate

Monica began research in the lab in March 2015 and completed a Ph.D. in 2017, having conducted research on methods to infer relationships between individuals. She is currently a research scientist at Pfizer.